Please find below a non-exhaustive list of the kind of services and costs associated with our services:

Free: as a courtesy to all our future clients, we offer our first hour for free during which you can ask us any question relative to a possible collaboration in helping you develop your market in Europe, setting up a European-based headquarters or support Centres and base. This meeting can be conducted either via the phone, teleconference via Skype, WebEx, Team Viewer or any other suitable mean.

Consulting coaching and mentoring: these can be to help you understand, adapt to cultural aspects, quality assurance needs, business requirements, training of salespeople and much more. You will only work with senior and experienced personnel. These are charged at the rate of 150€/hour.

Setting up of a local (subcontracted) headquarters: this may include local address and phones, local multilingual customer support and repair facility, invoicing and inventory management. This does not include the renting of warehouses and other expenses that are invoiced at cost +10%. Typically 3950 €/ Month (Minimum contract 12 months) + a small percentage on turnover generated.

Setting up of EU-based fiscal presence: this will allow you to be considered while remaining a foreign non-EU company and without the necessity of opening a subsidiary or a representation office to benefit from many fiscal advantages regarding intra-EU cross-border fiscal advantages whether it is for VAT (value-added tax) exemptions, import taxes exemptions, easy warehousing under bond or not depending on needs and much much more. If it is part of setting up of the local subcontracted headquarters, this is free. If it is just as a consulting project a typical price range will be between €15,000 to €25,000. Please contact us for more information so that we can discuss various possibilities.

Commercial presence and assistance with local trade fairs and marketing campaigns: This may include also the warehousing and delivery of marketing posters, trade fair furniture etc. These are charged at cost +10% as well as 600€ to €1200 per day per person provided and invoiced by full days.

Market research: these are usually invoiced at €150 per hour and may typically cost between €5000 and €15,000. Results may include list of contacts, market size, potential market penetration, strategic recommendations, explanation of barriers and how to overcome them, financial expectations and future needs to be able to budget such marketing needs.

Project management: our company offers experienced project managers who will be using our in-house web based collaborative project management system which was developed after many years of collaboration with Fortune 100 US companies as well as techniques used to manage projects in NASA and other large companies. This project management capability enables us to communicate extremely well with our partners and clients as well as very quickly bring high-quality results to the market.

These techniques can be taught to your employees and managers to increase your and their capacity and speed to bring products to market at a lower cost, high quality, high-efficiency and strong professionalism. To manage project we usually request a 15% commission on the project value with a minimum of €12,500 per project.

Setting up of a web shop: €2,500 + Monthly maintenance fees depending on amount of work needed.

Setting up of a personalized project management web site: €4,500 + Monthly maintenance fees depending on amount of work needed.

Various Fiscal Services:

  • VAT number recording for a foreign company: €890
  • Monthly VAT declarations: €300
  • VAT Tax reimbursement procedure: 10% of the amount recuperated
  • Request of EORI number: €150


We can also help in opening a local company, opening a subsidiary, hiring and also making available experts in fiscal, finance, marketing and other pre-selected individuals that can be involved in jump-starting your operation in the EU.