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EU launches WTO challenge against Indonesian restrictions on raw materials

EU launches WTO challenge against Indonesian restrictions on raw materials

Commission publishes proposal for agreement on conformity assessment with United States

Commission publishes proposal for agreement on conformity assessment with United States

Transforming food systems is crucial to the SDGs. Heres what needs to change by 2021

If we are to achieve the UNs SDGs by 2030, immediate and urgent action is required to transform how food is produced, accessed, valued and consumed

The Democratic Challenge of EU Defense Policy

The EU must improve democratic accountability and transparency on defense policy—otherwise its new-found ambitions to forge a defense and strategic culture will backfire

Putin attacks ‘strange European plans to reduce gas usage

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday (20 November) rubbished European calls to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, saying that such ideas could lead to humans living in caves again

How to achieve a quality, universal education

In setting global targets for closing the gender gap and achieving universal education by 2030, governments and development advocates tend to focus on the need to build more schools and increase enrollment rates for women and girls

Future of Eastern Partnership: EPP backs trio plan, Commission cautious

The European Peoples Party (EPP) has presented a proposal to enable faster and deeper sector-by-sector integration with the EU for the three countries within the Eastern Partnership (EaP) – Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova – that are looking for a more ambitious integration with the bloc

EU concerned over France, Italy and Spain debts

Reduction of public debt should be the main priority for France, Italy, and Spain, which have “failed to put their finances in order” during the economic upswing of recent years, the European Commission warned on Wednesday (20 November) at the presentation of the autumn fiscal package

New global research: What will customer experience look like in 2030?

Study finds by 2030 67% of customer engagement will be handled by smart machines. Do brands run the risk of trading empathy for efficiency?

Central Europe: Democracy Intact, But Under Pressure

Polarized and despondent, the Czech Republic is not a happy place. Despite rising living standards, Czechs are stuck in a national malaise

Climate action tops EU’s Budget priorities for 2020

EU institutions finally agreed Monday evening on the EU's budget for 2020, with climate change topping a list of priorities that focuses on growth and competitiveness, security and management of migration.

EUR 200m to promote European food products

The EU is to allocate over EUR 200 million in order to fund promotional activities for EU agri-food products, such as cheeses and wines, at home and abroad, the European Commission announced on Tuesday.

Employees as Social Media Influencers

How organisations can get workers to post more company-related content willingly

A Corporate Governance Paradigm Shift

Directors need to prepare for board renewal and transformation on many levels

Pascal Canfin MEP: Time to declare climate emergency in Europe

Pascal Canfin is a French MEP for the centrist Renew Europe group in the European Parliament, where he chairs the assemblys environment committee (ENVI)