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KORENA SPRL exists for over 10 years and is based in the capital of Europe, Brussels (Belgium). We offer you standard and tailored made services and information. These include but are not limited to fiscal representation, VAT issues and recuperation, distribution, supply chain, marketing, quality assurances and much more.
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Turkeys Presidential Regime Rests on Zero Rule of Law

After almost nineteen years in power, Turkeys president wields absolute power. Its doubtful he would relinquish it without a fight

OJ L223 AD iron or steel fasteners reopening

The Summer of 2019

In terms of economic contentedness, the summer of 2019 in the U.S. and globally had an eerie feeling of the summer of 1913

The Dictators Last Stand

Why the New Autocrats Are Weaker Than They Look

Understanding Chinas robot phenomenon

The working age population is decreasing, wages are rising, and the government is determined to lead a new wave of the industrial revolution

Scientists Have Been Underestimating the Pace of Climate Change

A book entitled Discerning Experts explains why—and what can be done about it

How Sweden became more entrepreneurial than the US

Recent studies document a 30-year decline in various measures of dynamism in the US, manifested in a decline in the share of young firms as well as their share of job creation

Blockchain is not a magic bullet for security. Can it be trusted?

What blockchain promises is no less than the technological backbone of the 21st centurys renaissance of the social commons, giving back power to the people

The Story of Boris and Vaclav, or How to Break Up the UK

Boris Johnson could end up being the English leader who allowed the breakup of the UK to achieve Brexit. There are lessons in the dissolution of two other unions, the USSR and Czechoslovakia, and the role played by Boris Yeltsin and Vaclav Klaus

The Munich sell-off and World War II: lessons learned?

In an op-ed based on her book “Score of the Second World War: Who started the war and when?” the famous Russian historian Natalia Narochnitskaya tells about the situation in Europe in the 1930s and the events that led to the conclusion of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Uncomfortable Truths: “No Charge” Immigrants

Trumps public charge principle could usefully operate globally

The Powerful Drivers and Blockers of Leadership

Exploring the hidden forces that motivate and hinder you can make you a better leader

The Optimal Design of Loyalty Programmes

Revenue-based loyalty programmes yield better profits, but consumers dont have to be on the losing end

Human rights and green finance: friends or foes?

Policymakers currently discussing a ‘taxonomy for sustainable finance products at EU level often argue that the proposal already includes social and human rights safeguards. This is not true in the least, warn Eleni Choidas, Lis Cunha and Rachel Owens

Germany Is an Economic Masochist

Europes biggest economy could easily stop its own slide into long-term stagnation—but it would prefer not to