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KORENA SPRL exists for over 10 years and is based in the capital of Europe, Brussels (Belgium). We offer you standard and tailored made services and information. These include but are not limited to fiscal representation, VAT issues and recuperation, distribution, supply chain, marketing, quality assurances and much more.
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Bill Gates Says This 1 Simple Habit Separates Successful Leaders From Everyone Else

The co-founder of Microsoft prescribes a principle that will raise every leaders bar

The EU still fails a serious climate-policy

A United Nations climate summit in New York City exposes Europes lack of progress to tackle the climate emergency. World leaders are meeting after millions took to the streets in unprecedented global protests last weeks and months, demanding urgent political action. The aim of the summit is to bring political commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris climate agreement

Global Survey Shows 74% Are Aware of the Sustainable Development Goals

New York, USA, 23 September 2019 – Three out of four adults (74%) globally have some awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), according to a new survey commissioned by the World Economic Forum

EU: Global Climate Leader?

The EU can take the lead in fighting climate change. But an EU “Green New Deal” requires a far higher price on carbon

OJ C318 ammonium nitrate initiation expiry review

From Israels start-up nation, 4 lessons in innovation

Only a short flight separates Tel Aviv from many European capitals, but the seaside citys leadership on innovation and its bustling start-up culture can make it seem worlds away. Ranked sixth in the world by Start-Up Genomes Start-Up Ecosystem Rankings in 2019, Israel has been recognized internationally as the start-up nation, punching above its weight for a country with a population of only 8 million

Why the internet is yesterdays news in Chinas digital leap forward

In May 2017, China hosted the historical Go match between Ke Jie, the worlds No 1-ranked player and world champion, and the AI-enabled computer program AlphaGo, designed by Googles DeepMind Lab. The Wuzhen showdown was ripe with suspense and symbolism – human vs. machine, intuition vs. algorithm, tradition vs. modern – and, with the AI machines straight 3-0 win over best human player, the sense of the unequivocal rise of the “digital economy”

These are the best universities in the world

So vital is education to the future of society, billionaire Jack Ma has just stepped down from Alibaba to focus on it. But does it matter where you go to be educated?

The aquatic advantage of Greece and the danger from the East

The Greek Prime Minister, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in his speech at the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) emphasized on the countrys development. At the same time, the leader of the opposition party, Mr. Alexis Tsipras, followed exactly the same direction

If we fight climate change properly, it could inject $7 trillion into the economy

The costs of climate change on people and the economy are clear. The question is, how will the world respond? Will we delay and pay more or plan ahead and prosper?

How fast will the world move to cleaner energy? Two scenarios

The impending global energy transition is exciting – and it will have wide-ranging implications for the global climate, for business and for consumers. But at what speed is the transition moving – and more importantly, how fast will it go? Will our energy future be fundamentally different from the one we know today?

Climate change: won or lost in cities or by cities?

Extinction Rebellion disrupted London and brought many transport routes to a standstill on Easter Weekend in 2019. A key demand for the direct action group was for the government to declare a climate emergency

6 innovative technologies about to transform our infrastructure

Stewing in a traffic jam, huffing over a late train or waiting out a delayed flight at an overburdened airport, one can be forgiven for feeling frustrated by creaking infrastructure

Concerns and expectations for the new Commission

The incoming President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, presented the new structure of the Commission, the body of the Unions executive power and the responsibilities of the Commissioners

10 ways the EU is fighting disinformation

Countering online disinformation is one of the biggest challenges democracies face today