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We offer you a unique and expert one point of contact intended for the foreign company that wants to operate with or within the EU. Exporting to the EU creates many challenges that can be overcome with proper local EU representation, knowledge and support based on our expert and long experience.

KORENA SPRL exists for over 10 years and is based in the capital of Europe, Brussels (Belgium). We offer you standard and tailored made services and information. These include but are not limited to fiscal representation, VAT issues and recuperation, distribution, supply chain, marketing, quality assurances and much more.
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‘We Are Penetrating Our Markets’: Investec CEO

Stephen Koseff, CEO of Investec, talks about full-year earnings and the company's strategy of diversifying away from capital intensive business.

US Core Market Still Under Pressure: SABMiller CEO

Alan Clarke, CEO of SABMiller, comments on full-year earnings and says that most markets are growing except the U.S. core market which remains under pressure.

‘Tectonic Plate Shift’ for Markets on Fed Fears

Japanese stocks plunged 9 percent off intraday highs on Thursday as weak Chinese data added to growing fears that the U.S. Fed may withdraw its bond buying sooner than expected.

Why Rich Western Investors Are Returning Home

The world's biggest investors may be rethinking 20 years of boosting overseas holdings.

Why Investors Should Be on Bubble Watch

Lothar Mentel, Chief Investment Officer at Tatton Investment Management says the recent rally shows a confused market and expects some volatility ahead.

Soldier Killed in London in Suspected Islamist Attack

A British soldier was hacked to death by two men shouting Islamic slogans in a south London street on Wednesday.

Iceland’s new eurosceptic government vows EU referendum

The two parties that emerged victorious from Iceland's general election in April have agreed to form a government and vowed to hold a referendum on EU membership.

EU summit calls time on banking secrecy

European leaders on Wednesday targeted a year-end deadline to undo banking secrecy, ultimately hoping to recoup a trillion euros in lost tax each year to help beat recession and unemployment.

Britain, France to drum up support to arm Syrian rebels

French President Francois Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron Wednesday said they would seek European support for their proposal to arm the Syrian opposition to fight regime forces.

EU leaders face up to shale challenge

EU leaders agreed Wednesday to face up to the challenge posed by the shale oil and gas revolution which has slashed US energy prices, undercutting Europe's competitive edge.

Hollande announces Franco-German economic initiative

France and Germany are working on a joint economic initiative to put to their European Union partners at a summit in June, French President Francois Hollande said on Wednesday.

EU Gets 3/10 for Handling of Euro Zone Crisis:Schulz

European parliament president Martin Schulz gave EU officials a measly three out of ten for their handling of the euro zone crisis.

EU Gets 3/10 for Handling of Eurozone Crisis

European parliament president Martin Schulz gave EU officials a measly three out of ten for their handling of the euro zone crisis.

Cyprus ‘Risks Worse Recession Than Expected’

Cyprus faces substantial risks to its economic outlook and its recession could be deeper than forecast, the country's central bank governor warned.

European Market Closes Slightly Higher

European shares closed higher on Wednesday, mirroring gains in the U.S. after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke reiterated his commitment to maintaining loose monetary policy.