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China warns EU to drop telecom probe, solar panel tax

China on Thursday warned the European Union against escalating bilateral trade disputes, urging Brussels to drop plans to probe Chinese telecom products and impose hefty taxes on its solar panels.

Will China Buy Up Greece’s Best Assets?

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras headed to China on Wednesday, amid hopes that the world's second largest economy can revive his country.

S&P Won’t Hit 2,500 Until 2017: Strategist

As the rally in global equity markets continues, Rosenblatt Securities' Brian Reynolds warned that the S&P 500 is still some way off the 2,500 level.

Britain’s ‘Heralded’ Co-operative Bank Stumbles

One of Britain's smaller banks is floundering. The New York Times reports.

How ‘Brixit’ Could Affect UK Business, Economy

U.K. business experts told CNBC what a U.K. exit from the EU - its biggest trading partner - would mean for the country's businesses and economy.

Should You Fear the ‘Death Cross’?

Squawk Box Europe anchors and Andy Brough, fund manager at Schroders, banter over technical analysts' "Death Cross" term and discuss its potential implications.

Christie’s in Art and Diamond Bonanza

Jeweller Harry Winston bought the largest ever diamond to be sold at auction. The gem fetched a record 26.7 million dollars.

Ireland VAT number format from January 2013

Along with all EU member states, Ireland Value Added Tax numbers are in a pre-set format.  Prior to 2013, this consisted of seven unique digits, plus a “EI” prefix, indicating Ireland, for the use on international invoices.

This has now changed to 9 figures – 7 numbers and two letters).  Companies will be given the suffix letters “WH”; unincorporated individuals “FA”.

The new format will only be issued in respect of new VAT registrations, and existing number will be valid until further notice.

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JPMorgan Demands Bloomberg Staff Logs

Lawyers for JPMorgan demanded that Bloomberg hand over employee logs, as the bank considers whether to take legal action, the FT reports.

Soros Cut Gold ETF Holdings Before Price Crash

Billionaire George Soros reduced his holdings of exchange-traded products backed by gold prior to last month's freefall.

Here’s Why Gold Won’t Fall Through the Floor

While gold has once again fallen victim to heavy selling pressure, a tug of war between physical buyers and institutional sellers will put a floor under the precious metal.

Debate: Is Brussels Undemocratic?

Steve Sedgwick, CNBC anchor and Philip Souta, director at Business for New Europe, argue over whether Brussels infringes over European Union members' national self-determination.

Russia’s Economy Could Be Next Big Underperformer

Russia is set for 10 years of anemic growth, according to economists.

Much More Needed to Take Shine Off the Euro

Europe's policymakers need to show they are serious about pushing rates into negative territory.

Romania names new anti-corruption prosecutor

Romania, whose justice system is closely monitored by the European Union, Wednesday announced the appointment of a new anti-corruption prosecutor after months of controversy over the key post.