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Hollande vows plan to end Europe’s ‘lethargy’

French President Francois Hollande on Thursday vowed to launch an initiative to end Europe's "lethargy" and promised closer political union within the bloc in two years.

RBS to Cut 1,400 Jobs as Restructuring Continues

The Royal Bank of Scotland said it would cut 1,400 jobs over the next two years.

Next Group That May Be Slammed by Debt: Farmers

It would take a perfect storm, but there are worries the current economic boom for farmers could turn into a bust.

France’s Hollande Calls for ‘Euro Zone Government’

French President Hollande called for a euro zone government with its own budget, a tax system and president.

Dubai Police Adds $1.4 Million Supercar to Its Fleet

Dubai Police appear to have secured a rare Bugatti Veyron to add to its supercar fleet.

SocGen Russia CEO Faces 7 Years on Bribery Charges

The head of Societe Generale's Russian unit Rosbank faced up to seven years in jail for bribery on Thursday.

EU says emissions down, but pollution scheme falters

EU greenhouse gas emissions, blamed for global warming, dropped slightly last year but the much-vaunted system for cutting such pollution ran into even more trouble, the European Commission said on Thursday.

Germany ‘Crucial’ for Eastern Europe’s Recovery

First quarter GDP data points towards a continued slowdown in Central and Eastern Europe.

Iran’s Jalili says Istanbul nuclear talks ‘long and useful’

Iran's top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili said on Thursday that nuclear talks with the EU'S foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton were "long and useful" and that both sides have decided to continue the discussions.

The Jamie Dimon Effect: Firms Veto Joint CEO-Chair Role

Shareholders and boards are no longer happy for CEOs to also hold the position of chairman, according to new research.

Swiss-Chinese Free Trade: And the Winners Are…

Watchmakers Swatch Group and Richemont as well as elevator maker Schindler are among Swiss stocks that stand to gain significantly from a potential free trade agreement between Switzerland and China, analysts told CNBC.

British parliament to debate EU referendum bill

Britain moved closer to a referendum on Europe on Thursday after a eurosceptic lawmaker from Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative party won the chance to put forward a law guaranteeing a vote by the end of 2017.

Guillotine Set to Fall as French Economy Tanks

France's fall back into recession is likely to pile more pressure on the country's finance ministry, at a time when infighting has already led one senior politician to fuel rumors that Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici could be replaced.

Eurozone posts record trade surplus amid gloom

The 17-nation eurozone posted a record trade surplus of 22.9 billion euros in March, up from 10.1 billion euros in February, official data showed on Thursday.

EU raids sugar companies in collusion probe

The European Commission said on Thursday it had carried out surprise inspections on several sugar companies on concerns they may have breached anti-trust rules.