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OJ L236 corrigendum ductile tubes and pipes definitive measures (in SK only)

OJ L236 corrigendum ductile tubes and pipes amendment (in SK only)

OJ L236 corrigendum AS biodiesel provisional measures (in DA-MT-SV only)

Performance risks in EU defence plans, say auditors

The current military capabilities and cooperation of the EU Member States do not match the new level of ambition of the EU’s defence policy, says a review by the European Court of Auditors, out Thursday.

German law restricting Google news not admissible: EU Court

A German provision stopping Google search from using newspaper snippets without publisher authorisation must be disregarded as it was not notified to the Commission, the EU Court ruled Thursday.

EU reaffirms ambition for climate neutrality by 2050

The European Commission reaffirmed the EU's commitment to accelerated climate ambition Wednesday, as it makes preparations for a long-term strategy to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Europe’s satnav system reaches 1 billion smartphones

Galileo, Europe's satellite navigation system, reached 1 billion smartphone users worldwide Tuesday, as the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency reached its 15th anniversary.

Von der Leyen’s new Commission affirms green credentials

EU Member States accepted Tuesday the list of Commissioners until 31 October 2024 proposed by European Commission president-elect Ursula Von der Leyen, with climate policy put forward as a top priority.

Eurochambres President goes to the US to improve the EU-US economic relationship

The President of EUROCHAMBRES*, Dr Christoph Leitl, will lead a high-level delegation to the United States with an objective to meet key stakeholders and to stress the importance of EU-US transatlantic economic relationship. He will stress the importance of transatlantic relations to the joint economic fabric, on which 14 million people on both sides currently rely on; and address the need for both the US and the European Union

9/11: The day that changed the world

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that the U.S. conducted after 9/11 had serious consequences for the rule of law in the world.Any anniversary of a major catastrophe brings back strong feelings and sad memories.Such is the case of the 9/11 attacks on New Yorks World Trade Center, a tragedy that had long-lasting effects. New York, and the world, has not been the same since the events of September 11, 2001

EU states’ VAT collection gap at EUR 137 bn in 2017

Thorough reform of the VAT system is needed to make it more fraud-proof, the EU Commission said Thursday as it released a study showing Member States lost EUR 137 billion in VAT revenues in 2017.

Navigating a dark and dangerous world: a primer for von der Leyen

Dear Madame President, We dont know each other yet. But the contents of this letter have been swirling around in my head for weeks. Ill keep it short and simple. And, yes, Ill be speaking frankly..

How Brexit is undoing Britains Political System

Brexit could wreck Britains centuries-old character of alternating rule by large, ideologically capacious parties.If so,the irony is that British politics will end up resembling politics in much of the rest of Europe

Fighting dreaded diseases with camel blood brought a huge successto a Belgian biotech company: sold for €3.9 billion!

A bit of camel blood from the fridge in a lab of a Brussels university (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB) became the basis for a breakthrough: exactly 30 years ago, Brussels scientists discovered that it contained miniscule antibodies, which are now called Nanobodies®. In 2018 the spin-off of the invention, the Belgian biotech company Ablynx, was sold to the French company Sanofi for € 3.9 billion

Italys new coalition faces tough choices

Italy has moved—again—in the direction of stability in the short term, while facing long-term fragility of its economic and financial situation