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KORENA SPRL exists for over 10 years and is based in the capital of Europe, Brussels (Belgium). We offer you standard and tailored made services and information. These include but are not limited to fiscal representation, VAT issues and recuperation, distribution, supply chain, marketing, quality assurances and much more.
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Europe’s leaders take stock of Euro-election results

The European Union's leaders met at a summit Tuesday to take stock of the weekend's European election results and to kick off the nomination process for new heads of the EU institutions.

Major cruise lines call for improved infrastructure and new destinations in East Med

Major cruise lines call for improved infrastructure and new destinations in East Med to meet demand for increased volumes of guests and new travel experiences

Huawei takes U.S. government to court

Huawei takes further action against the U.S. government to halt illegal proceedings against the company by filing a motion for summary judgment as part of the process to challenge the constitutionality of Section 889 of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (2019 NDAA)

Great Britain: what next?

In the UK, the elections to the European Parliament that were never supposed to happen, delivered an outcome many had expected; but it was no less a traumatic moment.

Greeces cruising prospects positive despite of regional geopolitical challenges

The key message at the 5th Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum

Trade for you too: why is trade more important than you think?

EU Commission buries sneakily climate impact of farming policy report in EP elections result flood

In a press release Greenpeace mentions that Greenhouse gas emissions from European farming have been rising steadily since 2012. Their source is a new European Commission report about the climate impact of the EUs common agricultural policy

Can the EUs democratic revival stave off its looming "apocalypse now"

Giles Merritt welcomes the fillip to EU progress and reform promised by the European elections. But he warns that deep-seated doubts about the EUs long-term viability continue to cloud the future

Euro-elections shake up Europe’s political establishment

Europe's voters delivered a shake-up message in the European Parliament elections Monday, with strong results for the far-right in France and the Greens in Germany, as well as the Brexit party in the UK.

Fragmented and polarised Europe emerges from EU vote

The conservative European Peoples Party again won the most seats in the European elections on Sunday (26 May) but will face difficulties in building a controlling majority as the Greens, liberals and populists posted big gains, reflecting the ongoing divisions in the bloc

After Theresa: The Brexit Mess and the EU

Many on the continent may now see an orderly “velvet” Brexit as the least bad among the realistic outcomes

Brussels aims for price transparency in food chain

After bans on unfair trading practices and better producer cooperation, the EU Commission made proposals Wednesday for greater transparency in the way prices are reported throughout the food chain.

Europe goes to the polls

Three days of Europe-wide elections for the European Parliament got under way Thursday with voters in the Netherlands and also, finally, the United Kingdom going to the polls.The count starts Sunday.

These universities are making the most impact on society

The University of Auckland has topped a pioneering new ranking that assesses the social and economic impact of universities based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Bill Gates: This is what we need to do to tackle climate change

Wind and solar power generation is expanding around the globe at record rates, allowing more people to get their electricity from clean, renewable sources than ever before. This is great news