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EU Court advisor upholds Intel appeal against record EU fine

Intel's appeal against the imposition by the EU of a EUR 1.06 billion fine for abuse of its dominant position should be referred back to the European Court of Justice, its Advocate General said on Thursday.

Websites can store IP Addresses, rules EU Court

A website operator can store certain personal data relating to visitors of the site if it helps to identify the visitor and also to protect itself against cyber attacks, the EU's top court ruled on Thursday.

Lion’s den or nest of doves? U.K.’s May arrives in Brussels with a ‘very clear message’

The prime minister has arrived at her first EU summit with a "very clear message"

Cagey Draghi refuses to give any hints on tapering or QE extension

Observers already looking beyond today's meeting to a greater likelihood of changes being declared at its final get-together for the year.

US venture capitalists are pouring more money into Europe’s tech start-ups

Venture capital (VC) investment into European tech start-ups slumped sharply in the third-quarter due to uncertainty around Brexit.

Trump’s ‘bombshell’: Europe’s press reacts to final Clinton-Trump face-off

As Europe tuned into Wednesday night's presidential debate, many agreed on the defining moment of the night.

More effort needed to save Aral Sea from ”environmental disaster”

The EU has a "key role" to play in ensuring that all efforts are made to save the Aral Sea from an "environmental disaster"

Trump or Clinton, the US will still be willing to buy good pharmaceuticals, CEO says

The CEO of a leading biopharmaceutical company has tried to reassure investors over upcoming U.S. elections.

London construction suffers sharp slowdown with fears over looming Brexit deal: survey

Growth in London's construction market suffered a sharp slowdown in the third quarter according to a survey released Thursday.

Bernie Sanders’ big brother is campaigning to replace David Cameron

Larry Sanders has lived in the U.K. since 1969 and is Green Party candidate to replace Cameron, who quit politics after the Brexit vote.

Deutsche Bank vs. DOJ: Here’s why it’s all taking so long

It's been a month since the first mention of reports that Deutsche Bank would have to stump up $14 billion to settle with the U.S. DOJ.

Give us the tools to combat unfair trade, says Brussels

The EU Commission called on Member States Wednesday to support its efforts to provide the EU with stronger and more robust defence instruments against unfair trade.

Steel, market access top China-EU talks agenda

The EU and China held their 6th annual EU-China High-level Economic and Trade Dialogue in Brussels Tuesday with steel over-capacity and market access at the top of their agenda.

Belgium holds back EU-Canada trade deal

Agreement on a major trade deal between the EU and Canada was held up Tuesday when Belgium prevented unanimous agreement by EU ministers on its ratification.

Is there life on Mars? Scientists await news from European mission to Mars

European Space Agency anxiously awaits news from its probe after it fell silent.