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St Lucia cuts VAT to 12.5%

The Eastern Caribbean island of St Lucia this week announced a reduction in Value Added Tax from 15% to 12.5%. VAT was introduced to St Lucia in 2012 at 15%, a relatively high rate for the region.  Hotel and accommodation services are charged at 10%.

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South Sudan 18% Sales Tax

South Sudan has confirmed that Sales Tax will rise from 15% to 18%.  A proposal to raise the consumption tax to 20% was rejected. Sales Tax applies to domestically produced goods, hotel and accommodation services and imports.

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London introduces $12 daily ‘toxicity charge’ for most polluting cars

London is to introduce a 'toxicity charge' for polluting cars from October.

These are the industries attracting the most venture capital

Venture capital - the money provided by investors to startup firms and small businesses showing potential for long-term growth – is generally thought of as “good capital”

The moral dilemmas of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Should your driverless car value your life over a pedestrian's? Should your Fitbit activity be used against you in a court case? Should we allow drones to become the new paparazzi? Can one patent a human gene?

Israel – Palestine: will Trump succeed, where Obama failed?

In his last press conference before leaving office, President Obama reiterated his support for a two-state solution as the most viable way to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

How can we create a healthier world?

No matter who you are or where you are from, your health is sacred. It’s the ultimate key as it opens the door to all else in our lives

Netherlands introduces pavement traffic lights for smartphone addicts

The Netherlands may have found a way to improve safety without prying pedestrians away from their phones.

EU president rejects Trump call for more NATO spending

EU President Jean-Claude Juncker has said Europe should resist U.S. pressure to spend more spending on defense.

Which countries have the most immigrants?

One of the biggest mass movements of people in recent history continues to dominate news headlines and political discourse

Ignore that spy ship off the coast. US officials say the Russians aren’t coming

Russia remains a threatening adversary of the US, but the country's recent aggressive military actions aren't signs of an imminent conflict, US officials told NBC News.

Greece says ‘not a euro more’ in cuts as EU officials call for speedy deal

European Union officials urged Greece and its lenders to conclude a long-overdue bailout review to safeguard economic recovery.

EU and Japan confirm commitment for an early conclusion of EU-Japan FTA negotiations

Commissioner Malmström and Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs confirm commitment for an early conclusion of EU-Japan FTA negotiations

Greenspan: ‘Cry of pain’ around the world led to Trump and Brexit victories

The rise of "economic populism" has come from years of low growth, Alan Greenspan says.

Tax exemptions for Church run schools do not breach state aid rules: EU Court

As a rule, tax exemptions for Church-run schools do not breach prohibitions on state aid, the EU Court's Advocate General stated Thursday in an Opinion on building work for a Catholic school in Spain.